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Light weight

These blocks possess a cellular structure created during manufacturing process. Millions of tiny air cells impart CLC Fiber blocks very light weight structure lead to their substantial less weight as compared to the clay bricks. Density of these lightweight blocks usually ranges between 400 – 1800 kg/m³ making them lighter than water and also in lower dead weight of the structure. In the process this contributes to lower requirement for steel and cement in erecting the edifice. The usage these blocks and panels lead to a lowered cost in constructions and energy-efficient manufacturing.

Earthquake Resistant

The light weight property of the CLC fiber blocks results into higher steadiness of the CLC blocks in the structure of the buildings. As the impact of the earthquake is directly proportional to the weight of the building, the building constructed using CLC blocks are more reliable and safer.

Thermal Insulation

CLC fiber blocks has exceptional thermal insulating qualities. The thermal conductivity of the CLC blocks helps maintaining the inner temperature to be warm during the winters and cool during the summers which ultimately leads to savings in air conditioning load and consequently enhanced energy efficiency.

Acoustic Insulation

The sound reduction index of the CLC fiber blocks are outstanding as per the global Sound Reduction Index that is used at international standards for evaluating the performance of acoustic properties of partition (wall) structure. The sounds in structures built with CLC blocks get reflected due to its low sound absorption index of A0 and a very low sound transmission index of B3. This demonstrates the dissipation of sound travelling through CLC block and thus it is not transmitted.

Faster Construction

As the CLC fiber blocks is very easy to handle, manipulate and use ordinary tools for cutting the wood such as the drill, band saws, etc. could be easily used to cut and align the CLC block. Moreover, the CLC blocks come with larger sizes and fewer joints. This ultimately results in faster construction work as the installation time is significantly reduced due to fewer amounts of blocks and the masonry amount involved is also lowered resulting into reduced time-to-finish.

Fire Resistant

Depending upon the thickness of the CLC Fiber Blocks, they offer fire resistance from 4 hours up to 6 hours. These blocks are highly suitable for the areas where fire safety is of great priority. Its requirements of fire safety as they can endure fire up to 1200°C.The factional air pockets add to a thermal diffusion that is 60% of that of the clay brick.

Environment Friendly

CLC fiber Blocks is a non-toxic product which does not pollute the air, land or water. During the manufacturing process, waste from the cutting process is recycled back with raw materials and used again. During construction, there is virtually no waste generated. The energy consumed in the production process is only a fraction compared to the production of other materials. The manufacturing process emits no pollutants and creates no by-products or toxic waste products. CLC is manufactured from natural raw materials. The finished product is thrice the volume of the raw materials used, making it extremely resource-efficient and environmentally friendly.

High Resistance to Water Penetration

The continual pores in CLC fiber blocks structure are uniformly spread all over the blocks leading to minimal absorption of water due to reduced Capillary action. This property renders the CLC blocks their brilliant anti- water seepage and absorption quality. Moisture from both external and internal sources can cause damage to buildings, therefore, moisture protection is a primary consideration. Thus the external surface of CLC walls provides superior resistance to moisture penetration than the traditional clay bricks.

Cost Savings

CLC fiber blocks weighs almost around 50% less as compared to the conventional red brick ultimately resulting into great reduction of deadweight. Further, the reduced deadweight and less join of mortar results into reduction of the use of cement, sand and steel which helps great in cost savings.

Sustainable Construction and Reuse.

CLC fiber blocks are highly superior in terms of the strength as on based on density. Higher level of strength of these blocks gives higher stability to the structure of the building. CLC is manufactured from non-biodegradable materials. CLC is very easy to handle, manipulate on masonry work.

Easy to Plaster

Factory finished CLC Fiber blocks provide a uniform base for economical application of a variety of finishing systems. Special design line is taken to apply plaster on the front of the block. In front of theirs the rough part of the line in which thin plaster is coated.


The process of manufacturing CLC fiber blocks ensures constant and consistent dimensions. Factory finished blocks provide a uniform base for economical application of a variety of finishing systems.


The lack of organic components in the CLC fiber blocks provides terrific resistance against ordinary pests that helps preventing/avoiding termites, damages or losses.

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